Competitive Search Relevance Testing

Competitive Search Relevance Testing

Competitive Search Relevance Testing empowers e-commerce, media, and content companies to leapfrog competitors.

Used by some of the world’s largest companies, Search Strategy Solutions’ Competitive Search Relevance Testing service gives the insights needed to assess site search performance against competitors, and a plan for insuring site search is best-in-class.

Affordable and effective.   All we need to get started is:

  • Name of competitor.
  • A set of random queries from recent query logs.

We do the rest:

  • Results ready in 30 days.
  • Dedicated Team Lead and Search Analysts.
  • Detailed evaluation of 200 queries.
  • Applying proven evaluation and methodology to surface issues.
  • Relevance judgments.
  • Annotations about other search elements on page (did you mean, spell correct, category results, etc.).
  • Relevance and insights by query types and patterns.

Clients receive: Competitive Search Analysis Report

  • Baseline search metrics, essential in order to:
    • Track improvements over time.
    • Evaluate new builds and changes.
    • Validate new search platforms.
  • Low-performing queries and query types that perform much better on competitor sites.
  • Prioritized fixes for increasing conversions and customer engagement.
  • Metrics and actionable insights into customer search patterns, (brands, misspellings, word-count, customer service, etc.). DCG, NDCG, and other metrics.

Get started now: