In addition to our staffing solutions, our turnkey services are designed for rapid improvements in search performance:


With years of experience in e-commerce on-site search, we are ready to help you transform your search operations for more conversions and increased revenue. Click here to learn more about our ecommerce services.

Competitive Relevance Testing

How is your search performing against your competition, and how can you get better? Our competitive relevance testing tells you where you’re at, and where you need to go. Click here to learn more.

Taxonomy Redesign or Maintenance

Our taxonomists and ontologists are available to make iterative improvements to your existing taxonomy, or to develop a new one for your organization.

Generative AI

Training and evaluating AI and LLM’s, prompt and user analysis, and ensuring that trust and safety goals are prompt.

  • Model Output Evaluation
  • Trust & Safety Moderation
  • Bias Detection & Reduction
  • Data Annotation & Labeling
  • Sentiment Analysis