We grow your ecommerce revenue by improving the findability of your products.


Search Excellence

Delivering a quality search experience requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Armed with that specialized knowledge and expertise, we apply insight and process to satisfy the purchase intent of your users.

Mobile Search

While the past several years have shown an uptick in mobile browsing, 2016 will be a tipping point for mobile buying. Mobile search and findability has unique challenges and opportunity in terms of relevance and presentation. Search Strategy Solutions can insure your mobile search meets user purchase intent, and increase mobile conversions.


The more you understand about your users, the more likely you are to satisfy their purchase intent. We help your customers find the products that are right for them, increasing cart size and conversions.

Competitive Innovation

As ecommerce evolves, innovation plays a greater and greater role in successful outcomes. Search Strategy Solutions enables new experiences in mobile, content, and personalization that differentiates merchants, and increases engagement and revenue.


Experts In Big Retail Site Search And Findability
Big retailers turn to us for help with site search and findability

We apply insight and process to create more value by improving ecommerce site search and findability. We create successful search outcomes based on a variety of factors including user satisfaction, financial gain, and operational efficiency.

We are search-industry veterans with broad experience in the many disciplines of increasing search engagement and satisfaction, including data and metadata, taxonomy and classification, content management, search quality and analytics, user intent and behavior, query handling, search features, results presentation, and KPIs beyond CTRs. We thrive on empowering our clients to get more out of their site search.

Our services complement existing search technologies, including search engines, content management systems, ecommerce analytics, personalization, and related technologies.


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Chris Fillius

An online search veteran with deep knowledge of search quality, analysis and relevance, and how to apply them to increase conversions and revenue.
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John Holland

A leading innovator in consumer search experiences and founder of Searchme, a visual search engine for the web.


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