Put our Search Analysts, Quality Reviewers, Relevance Judges, and Taxonomists to work.  Our team is available for short-term engagements where a certain number of tasks need to be completed, or for longer-term contingency placement.


Our specialized staffing solutions include:


  • Search Evaluators
    • Evaluating search relevance and features.
  • Annotators 
    • Describing and annotating data and content using human judgments.
  • Data Quality Scrubbers
    • Cleaning up and enhancing data sets.
  • Data Classifiers
    • Categorizing and attributing data sets.
  • Machine Learning Trainers
    • Training and evaluating machine-learned ranking and classification functions.
  • Internationalization
    • Language and market expertise to handle international and localization tasks.
  • Taxonomists
    • Entity and product classification and attribution.