Technology Partner Program

Search Strategy Solutions has a track record for increasing the value of search technology investments.In addition to working directly with big retailers, we also work with search technology vendors looking to increase their value proposition with their own retail clients.

By improving many aspects of the search ecosystem, your clients will experience better performance on your installed platform. We help you maximize the potential of your technology platform, increasing client satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

User Engagement

Growing user engagement through a quality search experience requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Armed with that specialized knowledge and expertise, we apply insight and process to create more value for you and your users.

Business Growth

Improving findability creates new possibilities for improving business process and outcomes. Search Strategy Solutions applies big data science to “moving the needle” with satisfaction and profitability.

Competitive Innovation

As ecommerce evolves, innovation plays a greater and greater role in successful outcomes. Search Strategy Solutions enables new experiences in mobile, content, and personalization that differentiates merchants, and increases engagement and revenue.


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