Full Stack Human Judgements


There’s a lot more to generating valid data than calling up a crowdsourcing vendor. The success of your data science depends on more than simply going out and buying judgments. It means managing every step of the process to support your research goals.  

A “Full Stack” approach to human judgments provides all the components required for obtaining precise, clean, training and evaluation data that data scientists can use with high-confidence. Full Stack data generation frees and empowers scientists and researchers to focus on technical goals rather than setting up and managing judgment tasks.

All these steps play a part in generating high-quality, usable data:

  • Goal Setting and Planning
  • Guidelines, Training and Task Setup
  • Execution/Judgments
  • Task and Data Validation
  • Strategy and Solutions
  • Insights and Metrics

Delivering a Full Stack experience is harder than it looks. Often, internal data science teams don’t have the resources to manage a research project from cradle to grave. And crowdsourcing companies alone provide little more than a labor force. In addition to managing crowdsourced judgments, we also use our internal trained analysts for higher value tasks.

Scientists and Researchers have better things to do than wrangle usable data. That’s why Search Strategy Solutions provide a turnkey Full Stack Data Science Support program.

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