What Black Friday Means For Site Search And Findability


We weren’t surprised when the news came back that online shopping surpassed brick and mortar this Black Friday. We’ve been knee deep in our clients’ data and we’ve been seeing this trend coming.

This retail milestone also has important lessons for search and findability… lessons that mean increased conversions and revenues for online retailers.

Black Friday (and the erosion of Cyber Monday) Validates Ecommerce

Shoppers are indicating that they prefer the universal selection and fast findability that ecommerce provides. This trend will continue as online shopping becomes the norm.

Mobile Is The Next Big Wave

Shoppers are finally buying on mobile.  This means online retailers can’t take mobile search and findability for granted. “Desktop” data is not good enough to deliver a satisfying mobile search experience. Even if desktop search is performing well, mobile findability requires additional work to maximize engagement and conversions.

“Sale” Findability Is Key

Even the very best ecommerce site search usually fail hard at finding sales and special deals. Retailers need to improve the handling of “sales” related queries, so that shoppers have confidence that they’re getting the best deals.

These lessons aren’t just for Black Friday. In fact, a key focus of our clients next year is developing mobile and personalized findability. These are critical trends to address in 2016 as shoppers become more mobile and savvy.